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IndiviDUALIS working for our customers

Established in 1990, DUALIS GmbH IT Solution specializes in the development of software and services for simulation, process optimization and production scheduling. The product range includes GANTTPLAN, the APS planning tool for advanced planning and scheduling; ISSOP (Intelligent Software for Simulation and Optimization in Production and logistics); and Visual Components‘ 3D product suite. DUALIS products are integrated and operated at the sites of many well-known suppliers for heavy industry as well as small and medium-sized companies working in the manufacturing and service sectors. Consulting services for strategic and operational planning completes the product offer from DUALIS.


DUALIS is a member of the following professional associations and organizations:


We continually evolve our technology through research and development projects, and are participating in the following EU and national collaboration projects: 

 – OptPlanEnergieOptimization and Planning platform for Energy efficient production of safety glass; Subproject: analysis and development of mathematical algorithms to optimize energy flows

 – GUIDES – Generalized Support and Investigation Design for Nested Systems

 – PLUSS-Plattform – Software system for short-term operative production planning in unstable planning conditions