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OptPlanEnergie – Optimization platform for energy-efficient production

A joint project by DUALIS IT Solution, Bischoff Glastechnik AG and Fraunhofer EAS

DUALIS IT Solution, Bischoff Glastechnik AG and Fraunhofer EAS have agreed to develop an optimization and planning platform called OptPlanEnergy, for optimized production of safety glass. The optimization goals are for higher productivity and product quality and lower energy consumption.

Project’s objective

Based on an annual production demand, the project will define a system that optimizes the throughput, and reduces the energy consumption 2 million kWh / year (approx. -25%). The production model and process simulation will be abstracted to a level that supports throughput times as well as energy consumption calculations.


At the chosen level of abstraction, top level resources are summarized in a flow model with energy transfer equations representing all the thermodynamic sub-processes involved in the glass production. The steps in the project have been defined as follows:

(1) Requirements analysis

(2) Development of the process simulator

(3) Adaptation of optimization methods

(4) Modeling and optimization of safety glass manufacturing

(5) Realization of the optimized production and energy schedule

(6) user interface for the platform

More information

OptPlanEnergie is supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy