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User reports: here is what customers have to say about DUALIS

The user reports about DUALIS customers applications,  provide a good insight into different applications for GANTTPLAN in production planning and optimization.

New fine tuning controls for Kurt Zecher GmbH

User report Kurt Zecher GmbH

The international supplier of anilox rollers for the printing industry, has extended its information systems with GANTTPLAN®, the advanced planning and scheduling software from DUALIS

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A Planning Network for Industry 4.0, armed and ready

User report Galfa GmbH & Co. KG

Planning is at the heart of manufacturing for Galfa GmbH & Co. KG, who have more than 5000 surface coating orders per month to schedule and process at 40 processing areas that are spread over three separate sites. The planning is completed by GANTTPLAN, the short term APS planning optimization tool from DUALIS. GANTTPLAN enables centralized planning for the three production areas, and is helping the company develop their vision for an Industry 4.0 smart factory. Improved throughout times, better planning accuracy, and more on-time deliveries are just three of the benefits from the implementation of GANTTPLAN.

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Transparency and complete information flow in mass production at STARLIM Spritzguss GmbH

User report STARLIM Spritzguss GmbH

From small batches to several hundred million pieces per year, starlim//sterner is considered the largest silicone processor for technical applications in the world. Silicone injection moldings are developed here and the necessary production tools are designed and built in order to produce the silicone products under full automation and as efficiently as possible.

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Overall efficiency for the Lübbering Group using GANTTPLAN OE

User report Lübbering Group

Based on 5.5 workdays per week and GANTTPLAN OE, Lübbering is scheduling 108 machines to process over 8500 orders. This is only possible with DUALIS’s production planning and the seamless flow of information between the business processes with the manufacturing. In and Industry 4.0 environment, Lübbering relies on digital networking and process optimization to gain advantages in planning reliability, flexibility and time-management for the successful manufacture of high-precision tools for screwing and drilling.

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Increasing capacity at Frauenthal Automotive Elterlein without changing equipment

User report Frauenthal Automotive

Frauenthal Automotive Elterlein GmbH runs several production lines and positioning parts on the correct line at the right time plays a vital role in the efficiency of the production. This is the main focus of GANTTPLAN’s job scheduling in Elterlein and it is exactly what the software was designed for. The production volume has drastically increased since the introduction of the software.

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Transparent production planning with GANTTPLAN at precision engineers K. Fischer

User report K. Fischer

Precise instruments for recording weather data is the domain of precision engineers K. Fischer GmbH. The company uses GANTTPLAN, the APS software required for exact production planning. Currently there are over 1000 production orders managed over a planning scope of 3 months. A total of 50 resources are planned in one shift operation to optimize the delivery schedules to customers.

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