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DUALIS solutions as an important component of the Smart Factory

The factory of the future is digital and relies on integrated rather than isolated solutions. We see ourselves as enablers and companions on your path to the smart factory. That’s why we develop highly integrative software solutions that harmonize perfectly with each other and with external systems within the digital end-to-end process and thus ensure higher productivity and efficiency in the smart factory. Find out about the possibilities for improving data quality, increasing transparency and boosting throughput in the factory through perfect interaction between different systems.

E2E planning process with GANTTPLAN APS

Digital end-to-end planning process: how GANTTPLAN APS fits into the smart factory

From the customer order to the store floor

The digital end-to-end planning process (E2E planning process for short) describes the interaction or integration between different software solutions or software modules in order to implement the planning process efficiently and ensure the fulfillment of customer requirements in a cost-optimized and timely manner. Perfect interaction between ERP, MES and APS makes it possible to harmonize the entire planning process from the creation of demand figures/forecasts to rough capacity planning, material requirements planning (MRP) and detailed operational planning through to the shop floor and to optimally bundle the advantages of the individual systems. As a result, you achieve greater planning and investment security, can react much faster to changing framework and market conditions and thus gain a decisive advantage over your competitors.

Proof of Concept Schnittstellenanbindung

Proof of concept for interface connection

As part of a proof of concept (PoC for short), we offer you the opportunity to put the interface connection through its paces in advance. This allows you to play it safe before the introduction of GANTTPLAN APS and gain a good insight into how we work and implement your data exchange requirements for the systems you use.

Connection to MES and ERP: cooperation with strong partners

In order to integrate efficiently into the Smart Factory, our Advanced Planning & Scheduling System GANTTPLAN has been specially designed to work together with tried and tested ERP and MES systems in the Smart Factory. Our collaboration with our business partners has also contributed to this for over 15 years. This inspiring exchange enables us to continuously expand our expertise and effectively utilize it for future projects. On our information page, you can check whether there is already a connection to the ERP and/or MES system you are using.

Business Partner Netzwerk Smart Factory
DUALIS solutions in combination

Visual Components and GANTTPLAN in interaction

Starter Angebot Fertigungssimulation

STARTER OFFER: We simulate your production in 3D

Are you considering planning and optimizing your production using GANTTPLAN or are you already using GANTTPLAN for detailed operational planning and want to further optimize your production processes? Then it can be helpful to simulate production and evaluate it in detail. We will be happy to do this for you so that you do not have to familiarize yourself with a new tool. Using a visually appealing and animated 3D simulation of your entire production process, including statistical analysis and a virtual reality experience, you can quickly identify where bottlenecks still exist or transport routes can be optimized, for example, and make more informed decisions for future investments.

GANTTPLAN and AREAPLAN in interaction

Take production space into account when planning orders

The combination of GANTTPLAN APS and AREAPLAN opens up a new dimension in multi-resource planning. In addition to personnel, machines, production resources and tools, you can also plan against limited space capacities. This means that factory space can be taken into account as an additional resource in production planning.

In GANTTPLAN, the space is abstracted as a workstation or production resource and integrated into the planning model. Once all orders have been planned and scheduled in GANTTPLAN, the provisional production plan is transferred to AREAPLAN via a database connection, where it is validated and then transferred back to GANTTPLAN, where the planner can release the production plan.

Visual Components and AREAPLAN in interaction

Zusammenspiel Visual Components und AREAPLAN

Use simulation layouts for efficient space allocation

Our 3D factory floor planning tool AREAPLAN is based on familiar and proven functions of the Visual Components 3D simulation platform and can be integrated directly into the Visual Components user interface. This ensures quick and easy familiarization for experienced Visual Components users.

The simulation layouts created with Visual Components can also be used directly for the planning of assembly projects on the available factory areas and can be imported into AREAPLAN. This allows you to save valuable time in space planning and map your systems and machines in detail.

Holistic digitization approach

The perfect interplay of simulation, APS and MES

Together with our parent company iTAC Software AG, we have developed a holistic solution approach for the Smart Factory. The perfect interaction between the 3D simulation platform from Visual Components, our Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) system GANTTPLAN and the MES/MOM software solution from iTAC enables you to further increase your output and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). With this unique closed-loop project approach, we are pioneers in the Industry 4.0 environment and help you to achieve even greater transparency, productivity and efficiency in production.

Model-based manufacturing: MES system as an enabler and central interface for the digital factory

Closed Loop ganzheitlicher Digitalisierungsansatz

Typical closed loop use cases

  • Greenfield:
    e.g. design of a new production line
  • Brownfield:
    e.g. changed demand situation
  • Transport Control:
    e.g. internal logistics

Closed Loop Benefits at a glance

  • Simulation and planning on one database
  • Continuous improvement through digital twin
  • Consideration of dynamic processes (e.g. handling unit)
  • 3D visualization with virtual reality experience
  • Comparison of different scenarios at planning and simulation level
  • Time acceleration possible in simulation (1 month in 10 minutes)

Create and manage digital twins with Visual Components

Digital Twin

Whether in the greenfield or brownfield: with the digital twin as a 3D simulation, systems, components and processes can be tested before practical use or “what-if” scenarios can be run through. This makes it easier to understand potential changes, such as a changed demand situation or disruptions to the physical system. With the 3D simulation platform from Visual Components, you can create and manage digital twins.

Generate a model for realistic production planning with GANTTPLAN APS


Based on the simulation results, the GANTTPLAN APS system can be used to generate a model for realistic production planning. The APS considers the global optimum instead of the local optimum. This means that planning is carried out across all areas and the entire value chain is taken into account. GANTTPLAN checks the simulation results in relation to real orders, for example, and plans against limited capacities (personnel, material, production resources, machines, etc.).

MOM/MES system as an enabler and central interface for the digital factory


The MES/MOM system forms the necessary interface between production and IT systems. This allows relevant data from systems and processes as well as tools and resources to be recorded and managed. For example, the MOM enables production processes to be monitored in real time. If the MOM knows the current status, the APS can calculate the future accurately and realistically.

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