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Plan fast, validate, optimise, verify

Planning departments still face the same challenges when it comes to conceptual planning and designing of production and automation systems. There are numerous alternatives regarding layout and design and the use of the tools require expert’s knowledge. With Visual Components the factories of tomorrow can be here today through the use of 3D layout planning and material flow simulations put together with easy plug & play equipment libraries.

Equipment models that snap in place as well as communicate with other layout components makes the factory modelling taks much faster and accessable to non-experts. The simulation-based planning of production lines and machines results in smooth and efficient results as well as an ideal sales tool for equipment manufacturers. By simulating the complete process including robots, material flow, and resources, everything can be achieved on a single platform. The accelerated creation of layout drafts feeds all decision makers with the right level of information to make an informed investment decision for a new production system

Overview of the Advantages:

  • Customised material flow simulations
  • Simple layout planning with plug & play libraries
  • Powerful 3D layouts for sales support
  • Customised applications for specific customer requirements
  • Modular solutions with built-in components

Accurate modelling for production operation 

Through the use of an OPC add-on and digital replicas of production line automation equipment and robotics, 3D models of a production line can be connected to systems logic controllers (Siemens PLCSim, Beckhoff TwinCat, Mitsubishi Electrics MELSOFT GX Works2, Denso ORiN2) at the signal level to test the control logic off-site.

The intuitive 3D simulation platform brings the workpieces, conveyor and handling systems, production materials, processing stations, grippers, and robots, together. A modelling library to support the 3D product suite is available on-line. The library is free of charge and includes thousands of built-in components. In addition, custom components can be created from existing CAD data when needed. There are several import formats supported to make the workflow as simple as possible.

CAD Formates

Overview of the advantages:

  • Simple modeling for production lines, machines, and robot cells
  • Accurate simulation of individual components before commissioning
  • Cost free library and numerous built-in components
  • Convenient coupling to offline programming and controllers
  • Modular design of the solution to meet the needs of your application.

The 3D product suite offers:

Sales Support

  • Simple modeling of the customer layout
  • Quick creation of professional offer and marketing documents in 3D
  • Common communication platform – “all speaking the same language“
  • Validation of planning concepts

Efficiency enhancement and security

  • Represent complex processes transparently,
    show relationships
  • Consistent process for design and construction for a detailed planning
  • Reduction of test and commissioning phases
  • Feasibility analyses and testing of different scenarios

Multiple use

  • Intuitive handling ensures fast training
  • Industry-neutral platform with comprehensive library
  • Open system for importing CAD data and exporting drawings, pictures, videos, controls



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