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Software solutions and services for the smart factory
More than 30 years of know-how in detailed order planning, production optimization and 3D factory simulation

We bring predictability to the smart factory

DUALIS is your go-to source for Industry 4.0-compliant detailed order planning and 3D simulation solutions and services. You benefit from our unbeatable expertise in planning tasks and our consistent approach to projects, ranging from proof of concept and implementation to after-sales service. We promise to support you every step of the way on your path to the smart factory.

With an extensive range of products for your daily and future production tasks

With passion for your optimization tasks and 30 years of expertise

With standard software plus options for adapting to specific requirements and future needs

Our Solutions – powerful, proven and future-proof

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References and customer opinions

  • Tobias Tönnies Managing Director
    Johannes Lübbering GmbH

    "With the combination of ERP system, GANTTPLAN and workshop control, we were able to optimise production sequence and machine utilisation, so that adherence to schedules has improved greatly. The planning and synchronisation time has been significantly reduced. By regularly updating GANTTPLAN, we are constantly reducing the planning and synchronisation time and thus increasing performance."

  • Nikolaus Szlavik Managing Director
    PIA Automation Austria GmbH

    "We chose Visual Components because the solution can be used flexibly and offers a user-friendly interface and a large library. We were also convinced by the open design options for our own add-ons as well as the permanent further development, which is reflected in regular updates. Despite the innovative nature of the product, the sales partner DUALIS with its own add-ons, library and intensive customer support also tipped the scales."

  • Günther Redhammer Team Leader for Parts Manufacturing and Team Manager for Component Manufacturing
    FILL Gesellschaft m.b.H

    "Everyday assembly planning and running through different configuration options has become much easier and clearer since the introduction of AREAPLAN. The strength in the solution is the improved project transparency for everyone. Future projects can be viewed over their complete time-frame. Any delivery delays that could affect the customer’s dead-lines are immediately highlighted, and clear for everyone to see."

  • Martin Meindlhuemer von starlim über GANTTPLAN von DUALIS

    Martin Meindlhuemer Production Planning and Control Manager
    Starlim Spritzguss GmbH

    "GANTTPLAN opens up a new world of possibilities for us and now provides us with an optimal and feasible production plan, within seconds. Our planning staff now focus on specialized areas that software and automation cannot yet handle. One of the biggest benefits with the APS software is avoiding double booking of resources."

  • Martin Köster Sales Manager
    KEWESTA Fördertechnik GmbH

    „In most cases we see savings of at least 10,000 euros for projects by simply reducing buffer requirements and tracklengths. In one case we saved over 120,000 euros for a project by optimizing the layout.“

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DUALIS Portrait

DUALIS GmbH IT Solution was founded in 1990, and is now a subsidiary of iTAC Software AG and member of the DÜRR Group. Dualis specializes in software development and delivery of services for production planning and factory optimization.

DUALIS Industry 4.0-compliant solutions enable companies to drive smart factories efficiently, with high levels of confidence in planning, operations and investment decisions, and with constant cost optimization.

The product range includes the Advanced Planning and Scheduling System GANTTPLAN for production planning, the software AREAPLAN for efficient planning of assembly projects on the factory floor, and the 3D manufacturing simulation software from Visual Components for factory and robot simulation. The products are used in numerous large-scale industrial applications, medium-sized company operations, and in the general production and service sectors.

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