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The intelligent APS system for productionThe intelligent APS system for production

GANTTPLAN APS practical aplication

Plan and optimise your production with GANTTPLAN

Create optimal production plans at the push of a button while complying with all existing restrictions

  • Fast, intuitive and transparent
  • For more flexibility and decision-making reliability
  • Software, service and support from a single source

With our Advanced Planning and Scheduling system GANTTPLAN you can optimally plan all orders depending on the resources and capacities actually available, taking into account both scheduling and all cost factors and visualising the result transparently in the graphical production control centre. Functionalities such as simultaneous multi-resource planning, integrated material requirements planning and the optimisation-based selection of production alternatives enable efficient planning and control of production.

In addition, the creation and analysis of what-if scenarios facilitates decision-making in the medium to longer-term planning horizon and supports tactical as well as strategic measures. As an add-on to the ERP or MES, the interactive Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) system enables manufacturing companies of different industries and sizes to achieve smooth order throughput, short delivery times and permanent cost optimisation.

With GANTTPLAN APS you can achieve up to:

Cost Saving

Efficiency Increase

Time Saving


Your benefits at a glance

  • Automated, time-saving planning of all orders
  • Interactive planning: plans can be changed or created manually at any time
  • Simultaneous planning of all resources: personnel, machinery, materials, tools and production auxiliaries
  • Ongoing cost optimization based on seven weightable target criteria
  • Results are immediately displayed in a transparent and scalable form on the production control station (Gantt chart)
Benefits of the Advanced planning and schedulinig system GANTTPLAN APS

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Effortless Detailed Planning & Scheduling: Discover the benefits, features, and extension levels of our intelligent GANTTPLAN APS system and how you can also benefit from our exceptional services.

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Why users appreciate GANTTPLAN

Tobias Tönnies Managing Director
Johannes Lübbering GmbH

"With the combination of ERP system, GANTTPLAN and workshop control, we were able to optimise production sequence and machine utilisation, so that adherence to schedules has improved greatly. The planning and synchronisation time has been significantly reduced. By regularly updating GANTTPLAN, we are constantly reducing the planning and synchronisation time and thus increasing performance."

The perfect interaction of software solution and implementation partner

More than 150 internationally active companies already rely on our GANTTPLAN APS for their detailed planning. In addition to a wide range of functions and configuration options, user-friendliness and simple integration into existing IT landscapes are the major contributing factors to this success.

Our experience from 30 years of implementing and integrating production planning solutions, our specially developed production optimization algorithms and our expert project management in all areas up to and including after-sales service improve production transparency and planning reliability for our customers. This results in considerable cost and time savings during operation.

Learn why companies of all sizes and sectors chose GANTTPLAN APS, how the projects were successfully implemented and what added value was achieved.

Why you need GANTTPLAN

Do your production planners have to deal with these and similar complications?

  • Supply chain problems
  • Shortage of skilled workers and short-term staff absences
  • Time-consuming, manual planning
  • Poor delivery reliability and long lead times
  • High WIP and high inventories
  • High number of variants
  • Short-term fluctuations in demand
  • Rising (production, energy) costs

To meet the current challenges, manufacturing companies need to optimise their production even more.

challenges in production planning

GANTTPLAN target criteria

All optimisation goals of efficient production planning can be set in one tool

GANTTPLAN enables permanent cost optimisation based on individually weightable target criteria such as reducing the tooling or manufacturing costs. Besides addressing the various optimization goals it is also essential to monitor and control all resources and restrictions relevant to planning in the production department. This is often complicated by competing optimization goals.

Conventional planning methods like Excel are far outmatched by such a complex task. An intelligent planning solution is the answer: An Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) system like GANTTPLAN enables a smooth order flow, short lead times and ongoing cost optimization. These are the hallmarks of the smart, efficient factory of tomorrow.

GANTTPLAN expansion stages


  • Automatic and manual order advanced planning
  • Integrated cost optimization
  • Observance of all defined production restrictions
  • No user limits
  • ERP Adapter
  • Standard and customized reports
  • Inventory confirmation
  • Machine and workstation assignment


All features from GANTTPLAN Starter plus

  • Production resource tool planning
  • Personnel planning with qualifications
  • Generation of optimized order processes and missing orders to cover demand
  • Generation and planning of order networks
  • Inter-plant planning, Central planning, decentralized planning
  • Batch size optimization

Custom detailed order planning

GANTTPLAN APS is modular and can be scaled as required to grow with your needs. You can start small, quickly achieve results and gradually expand your production or add more factories.

The GANTTPLAN Starter Version allows you to quickly enter the world of automatic planning, taking into account all the resources you need. Thanks to the simplified data model, the version is implemented in only a short time and immediately offers you maximum transparency in your planning. In addition, the version is the perfect solution for companies with a high number of variants and low quantities.

With the GANTTPLAN Expert version, we offer a “high-end” APS that covers cost-based, multi-criteria optimisation as well as fully-fledged material requirements planning (MRP) and helps you to make strategically correct decisions even on longer planning horizons. GANTTPLAN Expert is also the “enabler” for AI-supported planning based on historical data and helps you keep an eye on your energy costs.

GANTTPLAN is future proof

GANTTPLAN is powerful, state-of-the-art standard software with a service-oriented architecture and container-based design. The APS system therefore runs on leading IoT platforms like Microsoft Azure, and it is available with an integrated automatic planning function both on the premises and via the cloud. Equipped with the new web client, the application is additionally available on every device via web browser.

We are expanding GANTTPLAN to handle automated processes. The APS software will be able to react to external influences and take any necessary actions independently, for example. Features such as intelligent personnel requirement and production planning using artificial intelligence and neuronal networks are also in the pipeline.

What’s more, GANTTPLAN can be seamlessly integrated into existing ERP and MES systems for digital networking. This perfect interaction saves even more time and money for your company during planning and operation.

With the GANTTPLAN Web-Client, the application is available on every device

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