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Mission statement

We always strive to be better. Better than we were yesterday. Better than the competition. We are among the best in our sector, and our customers know it. This philosophy shows in the quality of our products and services.


DUALIS GmbH IT Solution is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015

ISO 9001:2015 Certification of DUALIS GmbH IT Solution

Quality goals

Our quality goals

Global quality goals

  • We deliver our high-quality products and services on time and without defects.
  • We strictly adhere to contractually defined services.
  • Customers and business partners can count on us; we keep our promises.
  • Our value system guides our daily work. This includes being frank, trustful, dependable and attentive to each other.
  • Consideration for the environment underlies all of our actions, and we value the responsible and sustainable use of resources.

Additional quality goals benefiting our customers:

  • Our specialists regularly undergo training and further qualification to ensure they are always ready to meet current and future product development and project implementation requirements.
  • We aim to evolve the traditional customer-supplier relationship into a long-term collaboration based on partnership and mutual trust. The goal is to partner with our customers when it comes to handling today’s issues and anticipating future topics centering on strategic and operative planning and simulation.

Additional quality goals benefiting our business partners:

We supply innovative products and services that can be integrated into our business partners’ solutions, enabling them to implement and expand their business models with our products and services. In doing so, we cooperate as trusting partners in the areas of management, sales, projects and development.

Quality strategies

Our quality strategies

  • Working with business partners is important to us, because they enable us to expand our sales networks and develop new markets. This is why we intend to strengthen this cooperation with an enhanced partner company plan, in which our sales team more thoroughly processes leads from partner companies to provide more specific support for our business partners in acquiring customers. Moreover, we are continuously developing our training model to speed up familiarization and facilitate knowledge transfer.
  • To ensure consistent quality across our projects, we intend to back up the project expertise by spreading the responsibility among several people for projects larger than a certain size.
  • In keeping with the growth of our business, we aim to align our personnel strategy with the requirements imposed by new technologies and a changing work environment. We additionally invest specifically in new specialists, training and ongoing education across all areas of the company as part of our annual financial planning. This includes assigning several people to each area of responsibility when staffing teams, ensuring that the right contact partner is always available to customers and employees.
  • We want to align our products even more closely with customer requirements through targeted development work and collaboration with universities and research institutes. This will additionally help users from different sectors and companies of all sizes to benefit from user-friendly operation.
  • We aim to meet the aforementioned requirements and steadily improve our quality management system.